The Spinal Road

The Spinal Road is located within the Kafue National Park and it is driveable, wet and dry.  It connects the southern and northern sectors and in the central region it runs along the west bank of the Kafue River, totally within the park.  It’s a good gravel road from south of Lake Itezhi-Tezhi for 160kms to the junction with the 21k road that links with the M9 (Lusaka-Mongu) tar road (another 15kms).  There are seasonal crossings but other than a very occasional flash-flood on the larger rivers in the height of the rainy season the road is driveable all year.

The Spinal Road is featured on the latest version of Tracks 4 Africa. Kasabushi Campsite and Bush Camp and all the game-loops in the park are marked.  Google Maps does not show the entirety of the Spinal Road.