Kasabushi Camp is situated on the west bank of the Kafue River, within the Central Kafue National Park, GPS co-ordinates: S -15.2593165 / E 25.97114719.  The camp is located just off the Spinal Road that follows the west bank of the Kafue River connecting the northern and southern sectors of the park.

Kasabushi is an easy 4-hour drive (325kms) west from Lusaka once clear of the city.  From the south of Lake Itezhi-Tezhi Kasabushi Camp is 130kms (3.5 hour drive) north using the Spinal Road.

Kasabushi Camp is 30km from Chunga air-strip.  Guests wishing to fly are met by Andy for the short transfer to camp.

The freedom to fly direct to Chunga.

The drive from Lusaka.

Route map and waypoints to Kasabushi Camp from the M9.

Google Maps

Kasabushi can be reached the same day from Lusaka (east), Livingstone (south), Mongu (west) and the Copperbelt (north).  The main entry gates are Nalusanga (from Lusaka), Tateyoyo (from Mongu), Musa (from Itezhi), Kabanga (from Kasempa) and Dundumwezi (from Kalomo/Livingstone).

Approximate dry season drive times.

Livingstone – 9 hours (new Eastern Boundary road from Dundumwezi to Ngoma – not marked on map below.)

Lake Itezhi-Tezhi – 3.5 hours using Spinal Road.

Lusaka – 4 hours once clear of city traffic.

Mongu – 5 hours. (Intermittent potholes for about 70kms from west of Kaoma to Tateyoyo Gate).



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8 thoughts on “Location

  1. What is the distance from the M9 Chunga turnoff to the Kasabushi turning on the Spinal Road and then how far from there to the camp? M’thanks.

  2. Many thanks. I am gathering data for the next edition of “A Visitor’s Guide to Kafue National Park, Zambia” and will use the information on distances for revisions to the maps. VBW Peter

    • Hi Perri, Our section of the Kafue River is stunning as you can see from the photos on our website. Yes there are plenty of rocks but they make the river so special. Even in the dry season our boat navigates the channels between the various islands and the water level remains high enough for the boat. Andy drives our boat and knows the river pretty well now, it’s a river for slow cruising to enjoy it for fishing, birding and just chillin’. We hope you’ll visit us to see the river for yourself one day. Best wishes Libby

  3. This looks very good! We hope to visit you against the end of May this year , when we will be self driving in Zambia .

    I assume we do not have to book in advance for a campsite ?

    regards Rob Keulemans

  4. Good morning.

    Planning our next self made Safari in Zambia we would like to stay at your beautiful camp site.
    After some days of stay there we will head to Hippo Bay camp site and from there driving the D769 towards south. Now our question… Do you know something about the road situation of the D769 between the village of Itezhi tezhi and the road crossing D769/M10 (Sesheke-Kazungula). We want to know if this part of the D769 is well a well gravel road.

    Thanks so much in advance for your soonest reply.

    Best regards and greetings from Germany.


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