A labour of love

Andy and Libby’s camp is the true heart of the Kafue due to its feel as well as the central location within the park.

They chose to locate their Bush Camp in the Wild Zone of the Central Kafue National Park because it’s a special, untouched area that needs protecting.  They have built a camp that it is very different in design but sympathetic to the pristine environment.  Guests feel totally at one with the bush but at home in it too.

Kasabushi Camp is situated on a stunning and interesting part of the Kafue River with no neighbouring camps.  Being within the Kafue National Park it can be enjoyed by guests all day and night.

Because the rules of the park only allow Bush Camps in the Wild Zone of the park it allowed them to design and create what they had always dreamed of.  The rules for a site within the KNP closely dictate the size and layout of the camp to protect the unique and beautiful location.  The very nature of the building and its secluded location is the reason it is already appealing to so many potential guests.  Visitors to this protected zone of the park appreciate the beautiful scenery and setting and that’s what dominates their enjoyment of it.  The unspoilt bush, a peaceful river, lack of other boats and vehicles in the area make the location so sought-after.

Kasabushi camp will, however, have all the creature comforts guests need to enjoy the bush and feel a part of it without all the trappings that don’t belong.  Simple, elegant furnishings will have a contemporary twist that are a 21st century take on bush design but look and feel at home in the bush.

Andy and Lib have created and built Kasabushi Camp themselves with the help of local staff and craftsmen.  They have a great attention to detail and knack for adding touches that make the camp special.  It’s a wonderful home in the bush that they are now sharing with guests.


9 thoughts on “A labour of love

  1. Oh what it is to be a former landscaping expert and a heavy plant operator to boot. We always new that your life would be a succession of steps (or strides) towards your ultimate dream in the bush. None of it was wasted. Well done, Sport!

  2. The boys enjoyed having the TLB in to do some of the heavy work. Yes all Andy’s experience is coming into its own now and he’s building something very special.

  3. Andy and Lib, we are full of admiration for what you are achieving at your beautiful Kasabushi lodge. We hope our travels will take us back there some day to enjoy your company and your lovely spot in the bush!
    Mike and Cheryl Zunckel

  4. Well Done Andy & Lib!

    So nice to see it all taking shape and what a nice shape it is!! Really look forward to making it out to you to see the progress in real time. While i can appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that are shed during such an endeavour, we have no doubt that the end will make it all worthwhile.

    Till we meet again.

    Ross, Nicola & Jayna

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