Bush Camp

Kasabushi Camp is located in the Wild Zone of the Central Kafue National Park and is the true heart of the Kafue.

The Bush Camp is a breath of fresh air in camp design combining traditional building techniques with a contemporary flair.   The ‘Round House’ structure is an old English design but the complementing roof ‘sails’ add a modern edge.  There are two hand-built and crafted tented chalets on decks overlooking the Kafue River.  Both have outside ‘rainfall’ showers with amazing views of the river and palm-covered islands.  All the furniture and fittings are hand-crafted from wood found in the bush so they are natural but functional.  Lib is always on the look-out for unusual pieces of wood, often found in the river, that can be turned into something practical, natural and beautiful.

Every guest comments on the very special personal touch that is evident in every aspect of the camp and service.  Under-stated elegance is often used to describe Kasabushi Camp.

Creature comforts in the bush are very important too.  Andy and Lib want guests to feel at home in the bush whilst being at one and a part of it.  The beds are ‘heavenly’ with a choice of pillows and Egyptian cotton bedding that ensures a luxurious and comfortable sleep.

Both chalets have sunrise views from the beds, worth lying-in for.  The wonderful, unobstructed river and island views from the camp can be enjoyed from before sunrise to after sunset.

Guests enjoy good home-cooked meals prepared in a modern, purpose-built and well-equipped kitchen.  Breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, whatever guests prefer, are all served at a time to suit just them and in some unique places too.  Fresh, seasonal produce makes every meal special.

Kasabushi Camp is solar powered; the lighting, water pumps and appliances all run on sunshine so it is quiet and there’s a ready supply of ice-cold drinks to be served to guests.

The wonderful, natural plunge pool nestled in the rocks in front of the Round House is the perfect place to chill on a hot day.  The infinity view of the river is so special and far enough away from the river for safe relaxation.

Whilst Tsetse flies are prevalent in the park they prefer the Miombo woodland to riverine bush, therefore Tsetses are not an issue in camp.  All vehicles entering the camp are sprayed to dissuade flies from hitching a ride in.  Mosquitoes are also very rare in camp and the surrounding area.

Andy and Lib also have some great ideas embracing the special location and its features so guests will enjoy a different ‘safari’ experience and no two days will be the same.  All guests comment on the attention to detail, the craftsmanship and the special feel of the camp.  Kasabushi is small and intimate retreat.  Guests have Kasabushi to themselves so the service and camp facilities are theirs to enjoy as they wish – exclusively.  A camp to fall in love with in the heart of the Kafue.

A labour of love .

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5 thoughts on “Bush Camp

    • Hello Tea Many thanks for your enquiry. We have two tented chalets for this year (one kingsize and one with two singles/kingsize). We are currently opening ‘softly’ with a few bookings from friends until we get fully on our feet. But, we already have a booking for both chalets from the 12th so can’t accommodate you just yet. From the beginning of September we will be fully open and hope you will visit us. I will be posting photos, information and rates on our website in the next few days. Best wishes and thanks for your interest in Kasabushi. Libby

  1. Beautiful Kasabushi is a truly huge step forward for Central Kafue National Park covering, as you describe a wonderfully diverse 7000 km2, nearly a third of the park. Excellent now to have a year-round, supremely hospitable, luxury bush camp at which to relax and explore the ancient river and the wild lands and enjoy watching the wildlife around it.

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