Self-driving the Central Kafue.

Kasabushi Camp is accessed mostly by self-drivers who enjoy the freedom to explore at their leisure.  Maps of the area are given to all guests on arrival along with the park rules for safe enjoyment of the park. 

This illustrated map was painted by local artist Quentin Allen and shows the scenes and wildlife in the different areas driveable from camp.

The Spinal Road provides access to the camp from either the M9 to the north or Lake Itezhi-Tezhi to the south.  The central Kafue has relatively few vehicles so it can be enjoyed in peace and sightings generally appreciated with no other vehicles nearby.

A map of Kafue is on the location page along with co-ordinates and drive times to assist with trip planning.

Kasabushi can accommodate vehicles towing trailers and large trucks but it’s advisable to book a suitable spot.

Every year Kasabushi is visited by more and more self-drivers from within Zambia, Southern Africa and around the world.

Home on the roof in the heart of Kafue.