DNPW Park Fees

Kasabushi Camp is situated within the Central Kafue National Park so Park Fees are applicable and payable to the DNPW (Department of National Parks and Wildlife) on entry into the park.  Entering and enjoying this unique and stunning National Park is a privilege so by staying within it you are directly contributing to its upkeep, the protection of the diverse wildlife population and anti-poaching operations.

DNPW Park Fees (all fees are per day and payable in US Dollars or Kwacha).

Zambian Citizens                                                   K22

Residents/SADC Nationals                                    $15

Internationals                                                         $20

Vehicle under 3 tonnes:      Locally registered  K15 per day,  Foreign registered $15 per day.

Vehicle over 3 tonnes:        Locally registered K25 per day, Foreign registered $30 per day.

Citizens/Residents        Non Residents

Overnight camping         K21                       $5

Angling                              K21                   $30

Vessel under 50hp           K17                     $15

Vessel over 50hp              K28                     $30

Mooring                             K28                    $30

Children 5-12 years pay 50% of relevant fees, under 5s no charge.

K = Zambian Kwacha.

Rates are current since March 2015.  Kwacha payments for rates quoted in US dollars will be based on the exchange rate at the time.  A permit and receipt will be issued by a DNPW officer at the time of payment.


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