About us

Andy and Lib Wilson are the proud owners and creators of Kasabushi Camp in the stunning Central Kafue National Park, Zambia.

Andy was born and bred in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  Having grown up within a family of passionate conservationists and bush-lovers he dreamt of the day he could live and work in a true wilderness environment.  Lib grew up in the UK but with her Dad’s passion for Africa and his tales from living in South Africa and Rhodesia and she also felt her destiny was to live in Africa one day.

Over five years ago they decided that the time was right to embark on a life-changing adventure – to build and operate a safari bush-camp in an area that they truly believe is one of Africa’s best kept secrets.

Andy and Libby.

So, in 2010 they decided to make their dream a reality and started on the long and winding road that has led them, eventually, to where they are today.  After many visits to the Kafue National Park, Andy pin-pointed the perfect location for the camp using Google Earth and an  intrepid  imagination.  It took another three years to find their way through the bureaucracy and paperwork but their steely determination, passion and patience paid off.

In February 2014 they started building their dream camp on the west bank of the Kafue River – the real hard work!  Kasabushi Campsite opened in April the same year and has proved very extremely popular with self-drivers.  Andy and Lib have now completed their Bush Camp with two tented chalets and guests are loving what they have created.

So many visitors comment on the feel of the camp, the personal touches and thought that has gone into its creation.  Kasabushi Camp is a labour of love and dedication and is the true heart of the Kafue National Park.

By following the blog you can follow their progress and they very much hope to welcome you to their home in the bush one day.

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. We are so pleased that you have both found your dream and may it last forever. From your dear OLD friends
    Sarah and Sandy also I know Mum would wish you all the best too. Especially when I tell her about it! x

  2. Well you’ve sure come a long way from ” i know, why dont you go to Zambia for different type of holiday and stay with a dear friend of mine called MAP,he has an amazing safari camp on the edge of a most stunning river called the Kafue ”
    I wish you both every success with your venture now and always. Jon Wadey.x

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