Liuwa re-visited.

Our second trip to Liuwa, this time later in the year and after the start of the rains. We enjoyed thousands of Wildebeest over three days and lots of new-borns already able to run as fast as Mum. We stayed at Kateyana (Site 1) campsite again, it’s central and adequate facilities.

The drive from Kasabushi Camp to Mongu takes six hours and we broke our journey at Liseli Lodge, expanding all the time and a smart pool area now. From Mongu we headed west to Kalabo over the Barotse Plains and Upper Zambezi on the impressive King Limbosi Imwiko Bridge. After checking in at the African Parks office with Mimi it’s a short pull across on the pontoon with tyres already deflated ready for the hectic sand. Great memories of our last visit in 2019 with Kim and Vic and new ones with Harry and Geke. Definitely a park to drive and share with friends.

6 thoughts on “Liuwa re-visited.

  1. So glad that some people can still escape the madness of current pandemic. So happy for you. Liuwa is a jewel, perhaps particularly at this time of the year- we were only able to witness it in August. But even then, it was mind blowing.

    But then again, so is Kafue! Enjoy your slice of Eden,

  2. Hi Andrew, Libby,

    Son John is tentatively booked on a young adults overland trip that starts in the Serengeti and finishes at Vic falls, (Zim side, if it makes any difference) in mid to late June 2021. I have suggested to him that he extends his visit with a trip to see Kasabushi camp. However, I have no idea how he would set up such a visit and what sort of travel arrangements we should make for him to get there and return (to civilization!). Can you give us some advise or people that you would recommend we contact.

    I hope we can pull this off…..

    Many thanks,

    Richard Ludlow


  3. Ahhh! Fantastic photos Libby! I can almost smell the atmosphere! I do often wonder if, and wh, we’ll ever be able to get back to Africa……!?

  4. Hi Sue, so glad you enjoyed them. I do hope you get back one day…. we are starting to get intls here so hope it carries on into 2021. Love to you all down under, Lib and Andy

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