We’ve been sailing.

A quiet year has allowed us the time to do many jobs around camp, they never end! Our attention to detail, high standards of maintenance and expert craftmanship are very much appreciated and respected by all campers and lodge guests.

This week it was the Round House roof that had a make-over. The sixteen canvas ‘sails’ and their steel frames needed painting due to constant sun exposure and before the onset of this rainy season. Each sail had to be unbolted at the central rim, carefully lowered down by rope before the painting could be started. It took four of us to lift each one back into place on the gum pole frame with Andy hoisting them up from the top of the roof. A week of hard work in hot sun and the result is stunning.

Guests marvel at the technicalities of the roof construction and the gum pole design beneath that complements it. It has gained the respect of many architects and designers over the years for it’s modern style but also the fact that it is sympathetic to its surroundings.

The Round House is now protected for a few more years and we very much look forward to guests enjoying themselves under it. On to the next job…….

One thought on “We’ve been sailing.

  1. Hi Libby and Andy! Wow, this is quite a feat to dismantle and reassemble – so big and airy!
    Very impressive. Hope things start picking up for you once again….. I watch and read with interest. Sue xx

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