Green season greetings from Kasabushi.

Hello to you all from a very green central Kafue.

2019 has been another busy but successful year and we have enjoyed every one of our campers and lodge guests and they have all loved it here too.  With only 3cm of rain since February it has been a dry dry season and although the river got very low only one channel remained un-navigable so everyone loved the river.  Many guests reckon it’s one of the most beautiful rivers they have ever seen and Andy’s driving skills and knowledge of the river are regularly praised and appreciated, especially through the rapids.

Game sightings have been good, guests got to enjoy all the species here along with Aardvark, pangolin, wild cats.  Bird lovers have enjoyed adding to their lists too, the Pel’s Fishing Owl has been enjoyed along with the more frequent African Finfoot and Böhms Bee-eater.

We are eagerly waiting an announcement early in 2020 about a huge investment into the Kafue, watch this space!

Andy and I are spending the holiday in camp with the company of friends camping here.  Our staff have left today to spend time with their families having worked hard all season looking after every one of our guests.   So we will enjoy a peaceful Christmas with a fine meal in our round house and afternoon boat trip.  We will be reflecting on the year that has almost finished, the fun we have had and give thanks for all that we have here and those that have shared it with us.  Thanks to everyone that visited us this year and we are looking forward to welcoming many new friends we have yet to meet.

Best wishes to you wherever you are in the world, enjoy a wonderful Christmas and we wish us all a peaceful 2020.

Libby, Andy, Boyd and Chris.

One thought on “Green season greetings from Kasabushi.

  1. Hi Libby and Andy! Festive Greetings and all the best for a happy and successful 2020!
    Thank you for the update – always love to hear your news. Jeanne was delighted to hear from you over this time – thanks for remembering her – it means a lot.
    Take care, have a wonderful year and may you continue to grow and prosper! Cheers, Sue

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