Liuwa Plain stunning.

It’s not often we enjoy time out of camp early July but with friends Kim and Vic up from the Western Cape to help me celebrate my 60th Birthday we chose Liuwa Plain for the shenanigans.

We have heard so much about the park, managed by African Parks, from clients so it was great to see and experience it for ourselves.

We drove west on the M9 and stayed the night at clean and reasonably priced Liseli Lodge in Mongu, a 5-hour drive from camp.  The road and bridges (we crossed the Upper Zambezi) from Mongu to Kalabo were very impressive (even crash barriers!), it took an hour to get to the pontoon.  Mimi was at the AP office to welcome us and deal with our booking while the boys deflated our tyres to 1.5 bar ready for the deep sand on the other side of the river.

We stayed at Katoyana Campsite in the centre of the park, basic camping but the hot showers were an unexpected bonus.  The first morning we woke to a chorus of Hyena around us (a 2am start to my Birthday) but other than that the silence was so different to the night sounds we hear in Kafue.  A complete contrast to our part of the world but beautiful and we saw plenty of Wildebeest, Oribi, Zebra and birds.  The sunsets over the plains were incredible, we didn’t get to see too many sunrises!

Liuwa is serious 4×4 country due to the sand but a great wilderness experience and enjoyed by many of our guests right through the dry season but more so towards the start of the rains for Africa’s second largest Wildebeest gathering.

Plain and simply Liuwa is well worth a visit when in Zambia.

3 thoughts on “Liuwa Plain stunning.

  1. Lib,
    I love seeing your updates! Keep up the great worl. Terri and I hope to make it back sometime. Happy Birthday!

  2. So nice to see you were having such a great time in Liuwa. Even more so, as we are heading there in two weeks time. We will be passing through Kafue, but unfortunately time constraints do not permit us to visit you beautiful camp this time. But definitely the next time we are in Zambia!

    Best wishes from Slovenia!

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