Festive greetings from the Kafue.

Merry Christmas to all our followers and we wish you all a happy, healthy, peaceful but exciting 2018.

It has been a good year.  The campsite has been so busy all season and we’ve enjoyed hundreds of lovely campers from all over the world who all, without exception, have loved it here.  We are steadily building up our Bush Camp (full catered) business and attracting the right kind of people looking for relaxation and peace to enjoy the bush in a homely setting.

Wildlife sightings get better every year and most clients have left well pleased with what they have seen.  The harder you look the luckier you get here and patience pays off in the end.

We enjoyed a wonderful break in South Africa in February but returned in time to watch the river flood mid-March.  It was upsetting to see our lovely new chalets 40cm under water but there was no lasting damage and by Easter we were open for clients.  This season’s rains started early, mid October, and we’ve already had 200mm, 20% of the last year total rainfall and we still have three months to go.  The river is rising mainly due to the rains in the north so we can only wait and see what is in store over the next few months.

Andy is now a bona fide resident of Zambia (along with his spouse) which is a big relief and testament to our acceptance here and what we have achieved in four years.  The visit of family and friends this year has been such a boost to our morale and we look forward to seeing more here next year.

We are enjoying a quiet time in camp over the holiday and hope for a rest somewhere early in the New Year before next season gets under way.

Love and best wishes from a very green and lush Kafue.

Lib and Andy



2 thoughts on “Festive greetings from the Kafue.

  1. Merry Christmas, Libby and Andy! So good to hear of your continuing success! Have a safe, peaceful rest over the festive season and all best wishes for the year ahead.
    Sue and Doug Trenchard, Brisbane

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