Skimmers at home on the Kafue.

We have enjoyed a single pair of African Skimmers for the last few months while the Kafue River level is low.  They are not part of a colony and we haven’t noticed any signs of off-spring yet although they prefer the high rocks in the middle of the river and not on the sandbanks.  These near-threatened birds have enthralled us and many guests during boat trips around the islands near our camp.  The Skimmers fish using their unique bill structure.  The lower mandible is much longer than the upper mandible and is flattened sideways like scissor blades.  As they skim just above the water they dip their bills which clamp shut when they touch a fish.

The Skimmers will no doubt leave us in a few months once the rains arrive and the river starts to rise but we are making the most of them while we can.  Thanks Richard for these photos and we are glad you have such fond memories of the Kafue now you are home in Australia.


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